Filtering of contacts and selection of recipients in a simple campaign

You can filter your contacts saved in Quanda on the page ‘‘Recipients‘‘ and insert them into a campaign. By this, contacts become recipients.

Use tags to filter contacts. You can read more about creating and assigning tags in article > Export of contacts and preparation for their import .

Select the contact tags that are to be sorted into the campaign. You can pick more tags at once. Click the filter button. If you chose only one tag, a list of contacts with this tag is going to appear. If you chose more tags, select if you want to view only contacts with one of the tags or contacts with all the chosen tags in the following window.

Select what option you want and click filter.

Insert the chosen contacts into the campaign by marking them. Click on the checkbox in the header of the table - right next to the column ‘‘name‘‘ and choose ‘‘Mark all‘‘. Quanda will mark all the filtered contacts and insert them into the campaign.

Thanks to filtered contacts and their marking and unmarking you can make various combinations of contacts by their tags and choose exactly the group of recipients you want.

If you need to filter contacts by other information saved in them, you can use the detailed filter. You can display it by clicking the button ‘‘Show detailed filter‘‘.

After marking the contacts, you will see how many contacts were marked in the upper side of the page – the blue number. The green number is for contacts to be sent to and the red number for blacklisted contacts.

Blacklisted contacts are contacts that are permanently or temporarily excluded from mailing. The reason why they are on the list is because the last attempt to send to this address was unsuccessful. Some contacts are automatically added back to the mailing, some (that were not delivered because the email address no longer exists) will stay on the blacklist forever. After sending each and every email campaign, you will find a list of undelivered emails on the statistics page. We recommend looking at this list every time and, if possible, fixing the flawed emails, displacing the non/existing emails with new ones and so on. Permanently blacklisted contacts can be removed.

Detailed information about blacklisting contacts can be gained by exporting contacts. The button for contact export can be found on the page ‘‘Contacts‘‘ at the bottom.

Contacts that are logged out are not displayed on this page at all and that is why it is not possible to mark them and insert them into an email campaign. That is also why the final number of contacts can differ from the contacts displayed on the page.

This page is always automatically saved after marking the contacts. If you selected your recipients you can continue on to the page ‘‘Email editor‘‘.


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