Email editor of a simple email campaign

First step is to choose your recipients, after that you should go to the email editor.

Before you start creating your own email, you can have a look at some of the already completed templates. You can open the template and edit them however you want.

If you want to create the whole email all by yourself, click the ‘‘Create my own email‘‘ button.

The whole email consists of individual lines that make up the email’s structure. Individual lines can be added and combined into a single, double or triple column layout. You can also delete, copy or move these lines.

Assign some of the content components to the individual lines. Content components are texts, images, lines, spaces, buttons, content through HTML, social media icons and videos.

You can insert these content components into an email via drag and drop or via the right mouse button. Just choose a concrete element and insert it into the email. You can insert many different content components into one line, all one after another so you can for example insert an image, text and a button. The inserted elements can be deleted, moved or copied.

As soon as the content structure together with the content components are done, you can fill these components with concrete content. If you later find out that you have to change the content structure you can easily change it.

Insert an image into an image, text into text and so on. You can insert the image from your computer or via an address of the image copied from your web pages.

All content components have many settings options. Everything is designed so you will be able to achieve the desired look.

I will now come back to the completed templates and open one of them. You can see that many different content components were used here and that the email is composed of many lines.

When the email is ready, continue to the preview of the email. The preview lets you see how the email will look to the recipients. All the links in the preview are functional so I recommend you click through them and check them. I also recommend checking the text itself and fixing any mistakes.

The preview of an email can also be switched to a mobile preview so you can check that everything will be visible even on mobile devices.

The whole email is completely responsive which means its content will accommodate whatever device it is viewed on. Your email will look great on a computer, notebook, tablet or phone.

When your email is ready, the next step is to set up automatizations. If you don’t want to use automatizations for a certain campaign, simply continue onto the next page with the settings for sending.

If you choose to use the automatizations, let’s talk about how to work with transaction emails.


Do you have any question? We will gladly answer them. You can contact our customer support and write an email to:

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