User roles

Admin (Administrator)

The Admin role is intended for overall system administration. A user with the Admin role has the highest rights and can add, edit and delete contacts, companies, projects and users. The maximum number of Admin roles is 2.


This role differs from Admin only in that it cannot add, change or delete users. It can create, modify and delete everything else. They "see" the entire history of all created projects, i.e. e-mail campaigns, questionnaires and forms. Sees all contacts, companies, can export everything.

Project manager

The "Project manager" role is intended for normal use of the system. However, it cannot add, edit or delete Users. He has access only to projects that he created himself or to which another Project Manager, Manager or Admin invited him / set him up as a collaborator). Sees all contacts. It can export.



The role "Merchant" is the role with the lowest rights. He cannot, just like the Project manager, add, edit and delete Users and, moreover, he can only see contacts and companies for which he is set as the owner, he cannot delete and export contacts, he cannot delete companies and projects created by other Project managers.

He can create and change projects himself, but he must be selected in the "Collaborators" list when creating projects. If he does not do this, after saving the Settings page, he will lose the rights to the given project and will not be able to edit it further and subsequently see it on the overview.



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