How to create and set up a simple email campaign

A simple email campaign can be used whenever you want to send out bulk email.

How to proceed with creating it.

In the upper menu, in the part Email campaign, select ‘‘Create new campaign‘‘. Name the campaign in the following window and in ‘‘simple‘‘, click on button ‘‘Create‘‘.

On the page ‘‘Settings‘‘ pay attention to a few fields. The first setting on this page is the language selection. In the field ‘‘language‘‘ you can choose the language that the support email texts (such as text for logging off, log of page contents or text with information about viewing the email in browser) will be in. If you want to send an email to German speaking recipients, this setting will let you display all these support texts in German.

Via ‘‘Show campaign to users‘‘ you can invite other users into your campaign and they will also see it in the email campaign overview in their Quanda account.

The role ‘‘Admin‘‘ can see all created campaigns in Quanda after logging in, without regard to the manager of the campaign that they can also change on this page.

The role ‘‘Project manager‘‘ can see all email campaigns that they created and were invited to in the email campaigns overview after logging in.

The role ‘‘Consultant‘‘ can see only the campaigns they were invited to in the email campaign overview after logging in. If the role ‘‘Consultant‘‘ creates a new email campaign, they have to invite themselves to it. If they don’t set this up, they will lose their rights to the page after saving the ‘‘Settings‘‘ and won’t be able to continue working on it.

More details can be found here > User roles.

All these items set up on the page Settings cannot be changed after sending the simple email campaign.

If everything is set up to your needs, click on the blue button ‘‘Save and send to recipient‘‘.


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