Setting up mailing in a simple email campaign

Select the sender of the campaign in the first section of this page. You have 2 options. The first option is to set up the sender from already created users. The sender can be any user with a verified email address. The whole campaign is then sent in this user’s name.

To make sure the sending and delivery is smooth, it is necessary to also verify the sending domain. The sending domain is the part of the mail after the at sign. In my email the domain is You can find the information about setting up and verifying sending domains in the upper menu … / Settings / Authentication of domains & DNS.

The sending of emails is restricted for senders without a verified sending domain.  If you set up this unverified user as a sender, a pop-up window with detailed information about sending will appear.

The second option is to set up the sender automatically. Information on how to set up the owner of a contact can be found in > Owner of a contact. The owner of a contact is usually a marketer that manages the contact. If you want Quanda to change the sender automatically to the owner of given contact, choose the automatic settings of sender. The sender of the campaign will then be chosen automatically in this order. The owner of the contact – if not set up the sender will be the owner of the company – if not set up the sender will be the Manager of the campaign (chosen on the page Settings). Quanda will then automatically change the sender based on who manages the given contact.

You can set up the email address for a response in the next section of the page. We recommend leaving the settings at default. If you want to change the recipient of the response, choose one of the users. You will find all users with a verified email address on the list.

The next section lets you test your email for spam. The test is focused on the technical and content side of the email. The result is a number from 0 to 100. The closer the result is to zero, the lesser is the chance of it ending up in a spam folder for technical or content issues.

The most common mistakes are these:

  • The subject contains inappropriate words (sales, free and so on).
  • The body of the email is made up of one image.
  • The body of the email has more pictures than text.
  • The colour of the text or its parts have a weak contrast against the background colour.

The next section is called Sending of test emails. Never send your email campaign before checking it via sending test emails. When you send the test email you will find it in your inbox a few minutes later. Always check the image, loading of pictures, text, click through all the links and buttons and make sure they work and are linked to the right places. It would be ideal to also check the email on your phone and make sure everything is okay. Fix any mistakes you see and send the test email again.

If you used personalization in your email and inserted it into the address field, the first name from the recipient list will show up in the test email. The log out function is also disabled in the test email.

The last part is the sending of the email. If everything is alright and you check your email by sending the test email, you can continue and send the campaign. Click on the button for changing the campaign and switch it to ’’Ready for sending’’.

Now you can send the campaign or prepare its sending. If you send the campaign immediately, the emails will start to get ready after you click the button ‘’Send’’ and they will start mailing. If you click the link for planned mailing, choose the date and time when you want the campaign to be sent and click the button ‘’Set up sending to…’’.

Now your campaign is sent out and you can start checking its statistics.


Do you have any question? We will gladly answer them. You can contact our customer support and write an email to:

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